Under ObamaCare, will Veterans with health care benefits already provided for, be required to buy NEW policy?


Obama keeps promising that if you have a health care policy now, you can keep it under the proposed health care reform bills being considered. But are these bills planning to revise Veteran’s health care benefits such that, whereas they paid little to nothing before except for small co-pays, now they will have to buy an additional policy to generate money to help pay for those that are not covered?

How will Veteran’s health care benefits be affected by ObamaCare?






Yes, everyone will be required to have Obama’s version of coverage, the only exceptions are members of the House and Senate, and Oval Office.


I believe the answer to your question is this: EVENTUALLY, yes.

Since you did not make clear that the benefits are provided by the VA or as being a retiree, the reality is that the benefits will be provided by a civilian employer, like 98% of all people.

Yes, we will ALL have eventually a new policy in that benefits will be reduced, and costs will go up. Obama will just call it a new name, tell everybody how nothing has changed and then raise taxes on everything will earn or spend on.

And it will continue in my opinon. I don’t trust ObamaCare anymore than I trust Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. Do you?????


The health care bill in a nutshell is:

1) the status quo for all those with health care insurance is UNCHANGED, ie, nothing changes for these people;
2) those without health care coverage are required to do so, but those deemed too poor to afford it would have avenues, like government subsidies, etc, to help them to get the coverage.

Moreover, more protection will be given to everyone, as subsequently the coverage would move towards portability so that it goes along with you even when you change jobs/employment. IF the system fine-tunes, with single payer option, a cheaper exchange (providing choice and competition and as a BULK purchaser/negotiator to negotiate better deals for coverage) could be available to provide alternatives so that unscrupulous insurance companies have LESS opportunities to rip you off.


Just hang with the VA and ignore all of that buffoonery.


This will greatly affect Pre-911 disabled veterans that require 24/7 care and are not eligible for Medicaid. These family caregivers are not covered under the Caregiver act of 2010, only post 911 caregivers were covered with health insurance and since many of them gave up their careers so that these veterans could remain in their own homes with the dignity they so deserve, the cost of their caretakers healthcare will now have to come out of their pockets or the caregiver will be fined or will have to sign a waiver and not be covered. Many of these hard-working family caregivers have given up their lively-hoods to care for these disabled and aging veterans so that they don’t have to be stuffed into a nursing home that would cost the government approximately 90,000 per year.


“If you are enrolled in VA health care, you don’t need to take additional steps to meet the health care law coverage standards. The health care law does not change VA health benefits or Veterans’ out-of-pocket costs”.


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