Would you support an absolute, complete deregulation of health care in the United States?


Here is what I mean by deregulation:

All government health care programs should be abolished. This includes Meidcare, Medicaid, Veterans Health care, public charity hospitals, and so on.

All laws concerning health care should be repealed. States should be prohibited from interfering with the insurance industry in any way. Insurance companies can charge what they want, and adopt whatever policies and procedures they want. The government cannot mandate coverage for anything. If patients don’t like it, they can switch companies.

The government cannot regulate mergers or acquisitions of insurance companies. If two companies want to merge, it is up to the shareholders to decide, not the Department of Justice.

No doctor is required to treat anyone who cannot pay. (EMTALA is repealed.)

All state mandates forcing people to have health insurance (i.e., Massachusetts) are repealed.

Employers are not required to provide health insurance under any circumstances. If they choose to do so, it is due to negotiation between employee and employer. Unions are not allowed to get involved.

The government is not allowed to impose any sort of tax on health care or health insurance.

Do you like my plan? Deregulation always brings down costs and results in higher quality services. This plan will establish a true market-based health care system in the United States.




No it would be chaos

Dictatorship of the proletariat

Yeah, that’s why Somalia has the world’s best healthcare system, genius con.


No the idea is stupid and does not address reality in anyway. Take some courses on economics and pay attention when they talk about how businesses operated before the anti-trust laws of the early 20th century.

We would end up with a few huge insurance giants, little or no competition, a huge number of uninsured, and hospitals, doctors and other health care providers unable to negotiate adequate payment rates from insurance companies because they would have no market power to negotiate from. The hospitals and other health care providers would close and even people with insurance will have trouble finding health care facilities to treat them. Insurance companies already have monopolistic power in most states, under your plan the situation would be even worse.

This idea is total insanity.


If you add, “insurance companies can refuse to pay frivolous lawsuits” them I’m in.


Ok……but who said they will “compete” with one another? If you allow an open ended free market system and expect merging along with major take overs why would a bigger company lower their cost when buying out a smaller company, and dropping some of their plans, may be less costly for them? Cost for most paying into a mid level plan will actually go up because the company will drop the most non-profitable polices forcing the extra cost on the remainder. An individual without a subsidy from an employer pays around $ 300 to $ 1000 a month now. How much will people pay under your plan?

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