Why is it that war spending was approved before veteran’s health care?


So under the Bush administration he can send soldier out to fight and get wounded but not take care of them? They’ve already approved the next round of spending on war and they still haven’t approved a budget for veteran health care? How does this make me anti-soldier for being anti-war when they people sending these guys to war aren’t taking care of them?
I don’t need to disguise anything to bash Bush. The guy’s record speaks for itself. Have fun following lemming.




well Bush has Aides and other reasons that make no sense.


i could be wrong so remember it is just my opinion. i believe that bush and his posse thought that the Iraq war was going to be like the gulf war. in there for a few days and victory is ours. Nobody gets hurt. 4+ years later and soldiers are dying and coming home mamed; more than expected. They have to keep spending money on the war because we have kinda put ourselves between a rock and a hard place. the leaders suffer from the, “don’t wanna come home with our tails between our legs.” also remember that VA really does not have a great reputation of taking care of soldiers in time of need. they were in denial with Agent Orange in Vietnam and Nerve Agents used in the gulf war
hope this helps

senior citizen

Your “question” is obvously just another ridiculous and poorly disguised attempt to bash President Bush. The Veterans Administration is a non-partisan organization, which has, with few exceptions, done a great job over many generations, for many veterans and for many Presidents from both sides of the aisle.

The people who have thrown a monkey wrench in the works are none other than members of the U.S. Congress who have played political games to damage the President’s approval ratings instead of approving the budget. This is exactly what happened at Bethesda VA hospital.


Common sense (have sense?) says that you win the battle first or there won’t be any wounded left to treat.

You blame the Bush administration but then you say they haven’t approved the budget for it. What budget for it? I was not aware that the democratically controlled congress had submitted an approved bill yet. Blame the Congress for not doing their job but instead passing resolutions about Turkey. Your hyperbole is boring.

chris h

I believe it was Dick Cheney who said the VA was just another Welfare Factory! Shows you where those folks are coming from!!

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