What do people claim that Veterans Health care is socialized medicine?


Last time I checked if you were not an qualified Veteran this health care isn’t free for you, you needed to have served in the armed forces, and qualify by having a service connected disability and meet the requirements. It’s not like any regular citizen can go in and demand their services for free.



Child Rapist

It is. And I am an army brat of medical officers.

Forget War Buy More

Because it is, just for a specific subset.

Gen. Stiggo (Atheati-in-Chief)

The government pays for it, that makes it socialized. It doesn’t matter if it is for a certain group, it matters who pays for it.

america first

Those who claim it to be social health care are the same ones who want social health care. They try to make people believe we already use the system. There for every one should have access.
what they fail to acknowledge is service members earned this privilege and where afforded this by contract for protecting America.

Michael N

It’s available to all vets without charge. That makes it socialized.


They don’t understand that it is one of the benefits of serving your country, just like they don’t understand that a working person pays for his Medicare and SS through taxes withheld from his check.

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